Four reasons for you to attend Carrom School

carrom School helps you restart your career as a remote developer. If you are a software engineer in India, at the early stages of your career, here are a few reasons you should attend Carrom School and restart your career as a remote developer.

1. The payment you deserve

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If you are a software engineer, and you know that you are underpaid — you should probably attend Carrom School. We have been there ourselves. Kicking off your professional career, in big corps, everyone looked up to — only to realise that you are underpaid and ill-treated.

2. Better work-life balance

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Some of the world’s top companies have fully distributed teams — Basecamp, Doist, Gitlab, etc.

All these teams have set an example for other tech companies to follow with a wonderful culture that supports work-life balance and complete autonomy at work.

3. Work from anywhere.

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Fancy traveling? Want to work from the comfort of your home? Are you a parent who would like to spend more time with your kid?

You should switch your career to remote work. Most of the companies who have a distributed time let you work from anywhere and at any time. A few companies have restrictions based on time, but would still be much flexible compared to a normal company.

4. No commute

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Bored of the hour-long commute to your nearby office, stuck in traffic? Say no more. Save on commute costs and save the world from a bit of pollution.

Remote is the future of work, we help you become a part of it today 🙂
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