Will the director of “Mission: Impossible” and the writer of “Yellowstone” film “Sicario 3”?

A few days ago, the producers of “Sicario” (as well as the creators of the recent “Gada”) – Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill – confirmed that the stars of the first installment, namely Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin, are interested in returning for the third part. The creators also announced that in their opinion, there is no obstacle to start working as soon as the writer’s strike comes to an end.

Now it has been announced that the project has been joined by the director of “Edge of Tomorrow” and the “Mission: Impossible” series (starting from “Rogue Nation”) Christopher McQuarrie, as well as the writer of the first “Sicario” (and “Yellowstone” series) Taylor Sheridan. However, it was not specified in what capacity the filmmakers are currently involved in the project.

“What do we know about ‘Sicario 3’?”

So far, it has been announced that all three original stars have reacted positively to the idea of making the third installment of “Sicario” and they are being informed about the progress in the work. Despite the involvement of Christopher McQuarrie and Taylor Sheridan, the producers have informed that the film does not yet have a director or a writer. Therefore, it’s possible that both gentlemen will serve as producers, or due to the numerous unknowns and lack of specifics, their schedule has not been confirmed yet.

“We don’t know yet who will be the director,” Smith said. Everything will depend on timing. We, of course, have many great partners, from Taylor Sheridan to Chris McQuarrie, but everything will depend on the schedule of the entire team.

Luckinbill added that Taylor Sheridan is very busy, but he is closely tied to “Sicario 3.”

It remains only a matter of when we will establish schedules and start having real discussions to see who is available and who wants to do it. Certainly, everyone who has ever been involved in it remains very close and still likes the idea. So, we’ll just do our thing and see who lines up at our window,” he said.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

“Sicario”: What is it about?

The first part of “Sicario” from 2015 was directed by Denis Villeneuve. The plot tells the story of an FBI agent who joins a super-secret CIA operation to capture the head of a Mexican drug cartel. She gradually learns the details of the operation, which often borders on the edge of legality and morality, leading to the deepest depths of the criminal underworld. The guide through its successive circles will be a mysterious CIA consultant of Mexican descent, known as the “advisor.” His true identity will be the biggest shock for the heroine.

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