Marvel: Queen Elizabeth II had a nice surprise for her birthday

A few days ago, the Queen of England celebrated her 96th birthday. For the occasion, the Royal Guard has decided to give him a little surprise by performing… the musical theme of “Avengers”!

Could the Queen of England be a Marvel fan?

Anyway, as Elizabeth II celebrated her 96th birthday a few days ago, the Royal Guard allowed itself to shake up the traditions a little for the occasion, performing several pieces of circumstance in honor of the sovereign.

In addition to the inevitable Happy Birthday, the guards have thus embarked on an interpretation of a musical theme that fans of the MCU know well: that of Avengers, composed by Alan Silvestri in 2012.

It’s the Queen’s birthday. So, naturally, at the changing of the Queen’s Guard, the band played Happy Birthday, followed by the Avengers Assemble Theme.

Wait. What.

“One does enjoy one’s expanded cinematic universe.” @MarvelStudios

— Best for Britain (@BestForBritain) April 21, 2022

Eminently epic, and used in many feature films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this well-known piece has therefore resonated far beyond its borders, even in the courtyard of Windsor Castle. The opportunity to show that the Royal Guard sometimes knows how to have fun with its own protocol.

But could it also let us imagine that the queen has a soft spot for the adventures of Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man?

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